Tinkoff launched a financial messenger

Tinkoff launched a financial messenger in its super application. This was said in a statement.

The purpose of the messenger is to give customers the opportunity to communicate with each other in the framework of financial transactions, share bookings, payments and gigabytes, get quick access to chat bots, services and ecosystem products.

At the first stage, the financial messenger will be available to users of the Tinkoff super application, and in the future it will be integrated into other applications of the ecosystem – Tinkoff Investments, Tinkoff Business, Tinkoff Mobile and Tinkoff Junior.

In the initial version of the messenger, users can correspond and quickly transfer money to each other.

Also, in the near future, with the help of a financial messenger, Tinkoff clients will be able to:

Share movie tickets or movie cards purchased inside the superapp;
share reservations and restaurant cards;
split payment by one check, request money from other users, share transaction details;
search for tickets on request using the Tinkoff Travel chatbot and monitor the price changes for them;
communicate in group chats;
record, send and instantly decrypt voice messages using Tinkoff VoiceKit proprietary speech technologies;
edit and delete messages, archive dialogs, forward messages to another chat, search for messages by keywords;
send video files, branded stickers.
Inside the super application, the financial messenger is located in the “Chat” section, where there is also a chat with the bank’s support service.

“Tinkoff Messenger <…> is a financial messenger that has long been asking for itself as an add-on to our numerous financial and lifestyle services <…>. Its task is to become a tool that will give clients the opportunity to express themselves the way they are used to in ordinary messengers (with voices, stickers, etc.), but within the framework of financial transactions, which cannot be done outside of banking applications, “said the senior vice -President, Business Development Director Stanislav Bliznyuk.