Durov against everyone: the creator of Telegram urged to install applications bypassing Apple and Google

Telegram creator Pavel Durov criticized Apple and Google’s approach to app hosting. On Twitter, he tweeted that companies take an “insane” tax of 30% on every digital product they sell.

“[Due to Apple Store and Google Play policies] users pay high prices, startups and entire industries are collapsing or simply not emerging. Regulators have been turning

a blind eye to this absurdity for ten years already, ”said the creator of Telegram.

Durov urged to fight against the monopoly of companies. To do this, he encouraged users to install apps directly or through alternative app stores. According to Durov, the process can be similar to installing applications on a computer desktop.

In a dialogue with Twitter users, Durov added that Apple and Google should not restrict the freedom of billions of people. He separately noted that the Apple Store takes a high percentage of sales, uses censorship and suffers from a lack of privacy.

The day before, the founder of Telegram accused Facebook and Instagram of earning money from advertising fraudulent schemes that are created on his behalf.

“These fraudulent schemes are approved by Facebook moderators, getting the official status of advertisements and thereby misleading people,” Durov wrote on his telegram channel.

Durov called the situation unacceptable and noted that “it is in the interests of Facebook to start responsibly treating its own advertising platform by the end of the week.” He expressed the hope that the company will compensate users for the damage caused by the actions of its moderators.

In addition, Durov urged Facebook and Instagram users to keep examples of fraudulent advertisements spreading on social networks. According to him, this evidence may come in handy in the course of possible lawsuits.