Blocked in Telegram – how to determine and what to do

Let’s say right off the bat, today we’re not talking about the blocking and sofia crisafulli foto that the RCN is trying to do. We’re going to talk about how to figure out if you’ve been blocked by other Telegram users. But first things first.

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A lot of Telegram features are aimed at providing not only privacy and anonymity, but also comfortable communication. One of the factors of peace of mind is the ability to have a dialogue only with those with whom you want.

Almost any messenger or social network has a “blacklist” function, which allows you to ward off unpleasant and negative personalities.


What does the “black list” look like in Telegram
How to block an unwanted user
How to understand that you have been blocked in Telegram
There are no contacts other than Telegram. How to be?
What does “blacklist” look like in Telegram

It is implemented quite simply. Users blocked by you will not be able to send you messages.

They will also not be able to see your avatar, and the status for such a user is changed to “has been online for a very long time”.

If all three signs are present at the same time – there is a high probability that you have been blocked in Telegram.

But we’ll talk about how to determine exactly if you’ve been blocked below.

How to block an unwanted user
In the chat window, you will need to click on the name of the interlocutor, the window that appears, click on the icon with three dots and select “block”.

If you change your mind and decide to resume communication with this person, you’ll need a little more action:

Go to “Settings”;
“Blocked Users”;
Find the person or bot we want;
Press “Unblock” or “Restart”.

In the same way you can block some bot, if you do not need it anymore, but it continues to send annoying messages and clogs the list of chats.

How to understand if you have been blocked on Telegram

We talked about the issue “on one side”, but what to do if you are not blocked in Telegram, but you are?

You can only understand it by circumstantial signs. For example, you have sent a lot of messages to which the interlocutor has not responded for a long time.

It does not always mean that you are blocked. But if his avatar becomes invisible, and his status is changed to “been online for a long time,” that’s exactly what a blocked user sees.

Obviously, this will look especially suspicious if you actually had a conversation about five minutes ago.

There is no notification that you have been blocked.

You can write to the person from the second account, if you have one, but you have to be prepared for them to block it, too.

There are no contacts other than Telegram. What to do?
If you are blocked by the person you met directly in Telegram, and you do not have his other contacts or mutual friends, you will not be able to resume a dialogue with him. It is worth trying to do this if you ran into a scammer, who tricked you into giving you money and threw you on the “black list”.

Then it’s worth searching for thematic channels and other communities in Telegram to warn other users and find useful information on what to do. Often these channels are called “Blacklisted.”

You can always find useful Telegram Channels in our large Directory.

Here we can give only one advice, which we have repeatedly voiced: when communicating with someone, when it comes to being asked to hand over some money or personal data – think several times about what it will cost you. Don’t risk what you’re afraid of losing.